About us

Who we are

We're a forward-thinking team, focused on creating memorable experiences.

What we are

We are a host's secret weapon born from a lockdown kitchen table and family run.

What we do


We're an experiential driven group; dishing up food, drink and entertainment events. In our boxes we challenge the traditional meal kit experience with our team of passionate foodies that push flavours to the max. We create a special vibe in a box or at an event that caters for all.

Our approach

PEOPLE make the moment.

Nothing matters more than quality time with the important people in your life.

Hassle free hosting with FLAVOUR.

We remove all the stress from hosting so that you can enjoy your day packed full of flavour.

Bring the VIBES.

We deliver so much more than a box or an event. We create memorable moments.

Our Mission

To make events and hosting fun and stress free through our box or events offering.

A word from our founder AJ

We are the kitchen table start up that everyone has had a dance with.
Launched at the beginning of the first lockdown, our team have created a brand centred around PEOPLE, FLAVOUR AND VIBES. With our barn HQ located on a Buckinghamshire pasture-fed farm, we pride ourselves on creating banging flavours using great ingredients.

Welcome to the All In A Box family!