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Banquet Box

Banquet Box

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Our banquet boxes combine the classic and variety giving you the ultimate BBQ experience. They include the staple homemade burger, bacon, cheese and brioche buns along with the trusted sausage and our special jerk chicken. Then enjoy our popular moroccan styled lamb koftas with fresh mint and our Spanish pork, chorizo, pepper and red onion kebabs. To make sure you have an epic spread your BBQ will have all the sides, from halloumi bites, lightly seasoned corn on the cob to our potato sides and famous purple slaw.


x2 burgers with bacon, cheese and brioche buns x4 burgers with bacon, cheese and brioche buns x6 burgers with bacon, cheese and brioche buns
x2 sausages x4 sausages x6 sausages
x2 quarter jerk chicken
x4 quarter jerk chicken x6 quarter jerk chicken
x2 lamb koftas x4 lamb koftas x6 lamb koftas
x2 pork and chorizo kebabs x4 pork and chorizo kebabs x6 pork and chorizo kebabs
x2 marinated seasonal veg kebabs x4 marinated seasonal veg kebabs x6 marinated seasonal veg kebabs
x2 halloumi bites x4 halloumi bites x6 halloumi bites
x1 corn on the cob x2 corn on the cob x3 corn on the cob
x1 slaw x2 slaw x3 slaw
x1 potato side x2 potato side x3 potato side

*Allergens: celery, gluten, eggs, milk, mustard, dairy.

Beef, bacon, lamb, cheese, bread, pork, courgette, pepper, garlic, red onion, oil, corn, halloumi, mixed herbs, red cabbage, lemon, mayonnaise, carrot, white cabbage, potatoes, paprika, all purpose seasoning, mixed herbs, chorizo, peppers, cumin, mint, chicken, scotch bonnet peppers.

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